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About The Ultimate Coatings Company
About The Ultimate Coatings Company
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Expand your Profitability
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Exclusive Makers of Energy Saving
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The Ultimate Coatings Company is a closely held, private firm composed of industry experts in roof coating and paint technology with many decades of experience. Founded in 2005, the company developed its highly, solar-reflective, acrylic ECO-THERM Technology that exceeded industry standards and met or exceeded Green standards in multiple categories including LEED, CRRC, and EPA. Today we make architectural coatings with primers for bonding and cooling almost any exterior surface which we supply on a per batch, factory ground basis to our customers. Our orientation is service is our primary product and we will make most any optimized IR color for our customers ranging from governments and military, specialty industries, schools and individual property owners. We currently sell direct with no middleman.

our mission

To give excellent service to our customers providing state-of-the-art, ecologically intelligent coatingproducts for buildings and roofs which exceed environmental regulations and which support necessary sea-change within the painting and building contractor industries. As a result of these efforts, we give back a portion of the profits to those in need in our community.







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